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Pride in Action

I saw photos of a friend of mine at Brighton Pride this weekend doing the rounds in social media and similar outlets.  It was great to see this colourful celebration of life flood the streets of Brighton, especially in the glorious weather we have had recently in the UK.  Brighton Pride comes as part of a series of Pride marches, including the London Pride last month which was in the same week as our international conference - which also celebrated LGBT culture and talked about our free online training for LGBT migrants and those who work with them.

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Reflections on the 6th IARS Annual Conference

In a political climate characterised by Euroscepticism, xenophobia, and increasingly socially conservative policy, the 6th IARS Annual Conference strives to reaffirm Europe’s dedication to progress and equity. The Annual Conference provides decision-makers, researchers, scholars, and communities with a platform to discuss the biggest social policy challenges facing Britain and Europe, to exchange policy ideas, and provide evidence-based solutions.

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Keeping Domestic Violence on the EU Agenda

When we conceptualise domestic violence (DV), a few images spring to mind. The young wife who faces violence from her husband but is fearful of the cultural stigma she will face if she reports the crime. The child who regularly endures violence from their family, and does not have the faculties and resources to ask for help. Violence against women and children is almost always conflated with abuse perpetrated by intimate partners and family members.

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STOP PRESS: European community groups and leaders come together in London to stop the divisions within the European Union

During difficult political times for the UK government and the EU, the IARS International Institutewill bring together over 200 delegates from marginalised European communities at its Annual International conferenceon 12-13thJuly at Middle Temple, Middle Temple Lane, London EC4Y 9AT. 

The conference is titled “European Community Voices Stronger Together: Abused and Stigmatised no More” and will launch the findings of two Erasmus+ funded projects that the Institute has been coordinating over the last three years. 

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Me, Myself & IARS

Today is Emma’s last day as the Justice Projects Intern at IARS. Here is what Emma had to say about her time at IARS:

I’m Emma Colburn, and I have been an intern here at IARS for the past 7 weeks! It has been overall an amazing experience interning at this organisation.

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