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IARS works to defeat poverty and social exclusion in youth

The recent EU Youth Report 2015 found that out of the nearly 90 million young people currently residing in Europe, 27 million are at risk of poverty or social exclusion. Additionally, 48% of young people with a migrant background were found to be considerably more likely to be at risk of exclusion compared to 28% of those natively born. 
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Preventing and Responding to Gender-Based Violence

It is almost too obvious to say we all have a right to life. It’s protected in law by our Human Right Act, which requires the government to take up positive steps to ensure this right is guaranteed.

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Me, Myself & IARS

Today is Antara’s last day as the Justice Projects Intern at IARS. Here is what Antara had to say about her time at IARS:

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Training Offer: Skill UP

“Skill Up” is one of the seven projects funded in London by NatWest’s Skills & Opportunities Fund and was shortlisted from 600 project submitted in England and Wales. Our final selection was confirmed following public vote after receiving thousands of votes in the region of London. The project officially started in October 2017.

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Pride in Action

I saw photos of a friend of mine at Brighton Pride this weekend doing the rounds in social media and similar outlets.  It was great to see this colourful celebration of life flood the streets of Brighton, especially in the glorious weather we have had recently in the UK.  Brighton Pride comes as part of a series of Pride marches, including the London Pride last month which was in the same week as our international conference - which also celebrated LGBT culture and talked about our free online training for LGBT migrants and those who work with them.

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