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Contribute to improving Victim Outcomes Review

IARS is pleased to share this online survey, which forms a part of the Victim Outcomes Review. The aim of the survey is to contribute to reviewing London’s victim support services and their compliance with the Code of Practice for Victims of Crime.

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Teaser: Young Carers Report

On Monday 23rd April we will launch and discuss the findings of our year long project "Young Carers Matter", at our FREE CPD Accredited conference. 

In anticipation of that, this post acts as a teaser to some of the interesting discussions we expect to have on the day, where we will present our report detailing our experiences. 

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Sexual Orientation and Young People: Just launched

Today we are extremely excited to launch the first 2018 Special Issue, with Special Guest editor Dr Jason Schaub from Birmingham University. This release highlights the journey that young people face while dealing with LGBT+ issues.

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From the 3rd-4th May, IARS Found and Director, Dr Theo Gavrielides, will be a keynote speaker at the 2nd Biennial International conference on Restorative Justice. This international event is organised by Tarbiat Modares University and is titled“Restorative Justice as a Bridge between Silk Road Civilizations”. It will be held in Tehran, Iran.

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Me, Myself & IARS

Written by IARS Justice Intern, Faris Wong. As a student, who is majoring in Sociology and Economics in university, my interest has always been in doing research and in policy making.

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FREE training: Upscaling professionals to be more responsive to LGBTIQ+ refugees’ needs

IARS is pleased to announce its next CPD accredited face-to-face training on equipping professionals to respond to LGBTIQ+ refugees' needs. The workshop aims to increase knowledge, skills, and competence of professionals and volunteers who may be in contact with LGBTIQ+ refugees and migrants in their work capacity.

The training will focus on the following areas.


o    Legal frameworks to understand refugee protection & why LGBTIQ+ people may need international protection;

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Domestic Abuse Bill Consultation, an opportunity for change

While the Government´s calendar marks 65 days left before the closing day for the Domestic Abuse Bill Consultation, for us there is an incessant tick-tack on the clock indicating the precious time we have on our hands to influence a piece of legislation that could potentially change the lives of many women. For us, this is a pivotal opportunity to let policy-makers know about the current gaps in legislation regarding the protection of refugees and migrant women victims of domestic abuse in this country.

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Annual Conference

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What can be done about the rising number of knife crimes committed across London?

Written by IARS Justice Intern, Faris Wong

At the surface, mainstream media seems to report these knife crimes as random acts of violence, in which the victims just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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