IARS has recently provided the Equality and Human Rights Commission with a response to its Call for Evidence for its forthcoming Triennial Review. As a youth-led social policy think tank IARS has a unique position for providing a genuine youth voice on inequality issues facing young people today; particularly those living in London.

IARS undertook focus groups and disseminated a questionnaire in order to generate information specifically for this and in this way we have been able to produce to accurate analysis of the challenges and inequalities facing young people.

Key recommendations made by IARS included the importance of avoiding treating young people as a homogoneous group with the same needs and facing the same challenges. IARS highlighted the challenges facing Black and Minority Ethnic young people, particularly with regard to treatment by the police. We also emphasised the need for discrimination facing LGBT young people in schools to be addressed as well as improved information and sign posting facilities for young people, more generally, with regard to accessing health services.

This response to the Equalities and Human Rights Commission’s Triennial Review Call for Evidence can be downloaded and read on our online library.