IARS’ Director Dr. Theo Gavrielides’ greatly anticipated book Rights and Restoration within Youth Justice ( ISBN 978-1-897160-62-6) was launched on Thursday 10th May at the Centre for Restorative Justice at Simon Fraser University, in Vancouver, Canada.

The book launch was accompanied by a talk held by Dr. Theo Gavrielides, a dialogue discussion and lastly, a book signing.

The Table of Contents of can be downloaded from here To find out more about the book click here

How to get a copy of the book:

The book can be ordered from de sitter Publications by following this link.

It will soon also be available on Amazon and other major online distributors.

About the book:

Rights and Restoration within Youth Justice is an edited, peer-reviewed Volume of original papers written by leading scholars in the fields of restorative justice, human rights, youth justice and policy and criminal justice. The book is edited by Dr. Theo Gavrielides and published by de sitter Publications, Canada. The book aims to open up the international debate on evidence-based youth justice policy by challenging current thinking.

The project is carried out under the auspices of Independent Academic Research Studies (IARS).

“This is an important and timely collection on a topic that has been neglected by both the human rights and restorative justice movements. It traverses a great diversity of specific and crucial issues. Perhaps the single most impressive feature that distinguishes this collection from others on restorative justice is that it corrects the usual focus on North America, Western Europe and the Antipodes with learnings from Central and Southern Europe. Many of these Central European and Mediterranean lessons are profound ones that can greatly enrich the predominantly North Atlantic restorative debate.”

Prof. John Braithwaite, Australian National University