IARS, represented by its Founder and Director Dr. Theo Gavrielides will be travelling to Llandudno to take part at NAPO’s  Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 17 – 19 October and present evidence on what works within the context of privitasing probation services.

At this critical point for the future of probation services across England and Wales, and the development of plans under the Transforming Rehabilitation Programme, NAPO is holding its Annual General Meeting that will bring together unions, professional associations and campaigning groups aiming at passing a strong message for the quality and the values of their services across policy makers favoring opposition to the privatization of Probation.

After a review of probation services in London and through engagement with other probation trusts in the country IARS will be providing government officials, probations representatives from up and down the country and NAPO’s leaders with evidence based recommendations on how to improve outcomes for Black and Ethnic Minority offeners and victims.

The recommendations highlight as high priority for the survival and preservation of the probation trusts the development of a fit for purpose model within the services, shifting the focus from processes to outcomes, by improving key policies, increasing efficiency and reducing costs for their highly populated BME users.

IARS founder and Director Dr. T. Gavrielides who will lead the discussions under the topic of ‘What Really Works in Probation and Social Work’, said: “I am honoued by this invitation and look forward to a hot and honest debate about where the probation service could go. Balancing finances and safety while maintaining good quality services and the partnerships that are critical to this work will be key for any future plans”.

This is part of the larger programme on race in the probation service (click here for more). To read our letter and full consultation response to the Justice Minister regarding their Punishment & Reform policies, click here. The findings of IARS’ research are published by IARS as

These will also be debated at IARS Annual Conference 2013 entitled “Listening to Community Evidence: Gender, Race and Restorative Justice” that will be taking place on Friday 6thDecember 2013 at the Middle Temple. To find out more, or to book early for a discounted rate please follow the link.


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