On Tuesday 13th of February, the IARS Youth Board held an event on What Young Southwark Want which I also attended to represent the Equalities projects team. We were joined by young people between the ages of 16-25, as well as five local councilors, to give young people an opportunity to have their say on what is important for them this election season.

The event included a range of activities, such as a discussion on Eurodesk and the opportunities. The event provided a space where young people were able to discuss the most pressing issues facing them and developments need to address these. One of the most important aspects of the event, included forming groups and listing the wants and needs of young people in Southwark, which were then exchanged and an agreed draft of the key wants and needs of young people was created. Following from this activity, we were met with five local councilors to feed back our discussion to, ask questions and exchange ideas on what is currently being done and what could be done in the near future to address What Young Southwark Want.

The event proved to be a really valuable activity, as the councilors were also able to directly ask questions about the thoughts of young people, their concerns and how to address them, as well as providing information about forthcoming development directed towards them within Southwark. It was also a great opportunity for young people to meet and network with local councilors, and other young people to share their experiences with.

This blog post was written by Dilara Efe, Equalities Projects Intern