The European Solidarity Corps is an EU initiative which creates opportunities for young people in Europe who agree with and uphold its Mission and Principles. This project is aligned with IARS’ ethos. We were set up by young volunteers from across Europe as the first EU-wide, youth-led network on equality matters. Our mission remains to empower of young people and marginalised groups to participate in public life as equal citizens. 


You need to be between 17 to 30 years old, open minded, curious about other cultures and motivated to help others! 

We will prioritise young people with fewer opportunities, who may face social, geographical or economic obstacles, health problems or disabilities, cultural differences or educational challenges. Gender balance, respect differences and discretion will be kept. Volunteers should have Intermediate level of English Communication and they must be registered on the European Solidarity Corps platform.

*You don’t need to speak a foreign language but willingness to learn is a plus ! 

*2 to 3 months placements available

At the moment we are recruiting volunteers willing to go to Cyprus, Romania, Greece and Belgium. 

We are also recruiting volunteers from Italy, Romania, Greece and Belgium to come and work with us. So if you know someone who might be interested in coming to London, please help us spread the word!


The Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) is coordinated by The IARS International Institute and hosted at our offices in central London. We will bring together young people through the European Solidarity Corps mediums and empower and support the most marginalised communities by responding to societal challenges and needs. The programme offers an empowering experience for young people who want to help, learn and develop, while also allowing intercultural exchanges. The placements are for up to three months and are full time. The YEP activities are structured within our well tested and simple civic engagement model, including Rights & Responsibilities Training Programme, delivery of a social action project in the areas of human rights, equality, justice, youth policy, evaluation and accreditation.


The programme will contribute to all travel, accommodation and leaving expenses for the volunteers. This also includes linguistic support, insurance and any special assistance, where needed. The programme has an inclusion support fund to specifically help young people facing psychological, educational, economic and social challenges. Flight costs will be reimbursed from IARS either to your sending organisation partner or to you directly (depending on arrangements).


Online Linguistic Support (OLS) is a free online language learning platform designed for Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps participants. With OLS, you can test your current level in the language you will use while you are abroad. Your results will not prevent you from taking part in an Erasmus+ or European Solidarity Corps mobility, but will give you access to an OLS language course! OLS complements face-to-face teaching, allowing you to develop your skills outside the classroom. It also provides you with collaborative and peer learning opportunities. For more information please click here. 


Because we are a small charity we are able to give you exposure to all aspects of the organisation with a specific focus on the areas of your choice. 

The two main areas are:  Research and Projects – Events and Communications. 

The post is flexible as most of the work can be carried out remotely. Interns are encouraged visit us on a weekly basis as they can benefit from face-to-face supervisions and support offered at our central London offices. As more organisations are implementing flexible work in their practices and we want you to experience this as well. You are expected to be able to work with online project management software, Trello, which will allow you to do that. 

Research and project internship description 
  • Assist in the development and evaluation of local projects.   (You’ll learn how to Develop and evaluate local projects in the community)
  • Support transmitting the project‘s scope and objectives, involving all relevant stakeholders and ensuring technical feasibility (You’ll learn how to Approach relevant stakeholders and how to create your own network)
  • Ensuring resources for the project. (You’ll learn how to Ensure resources for the projects)
  • Use and continually develop leadership skills (you’ll develop your leadership skills)
  • Attend conferences and training as required to maintain proficiency
  • You’ll have the opportunity to work and create opportunities for BAME communities
  • Maintaining the legacy of the project by dissemination of information through social media, campaigns, blogs etc.

Regarding the research activities you will be assisting in initial research drafts, employing mixed methods research approaches, compiling, formatting, analysing qualitative and quantitative data, managing surveys, conducting stakeholder mapping, assisting in semi-structured interviews, conducting systematic literature reviews, and conducting impact assessment and project evaluations. 

You will also receive participate in a Rights and Responsibilities Training Programme  and receive training on conducting youth-led research: Informing and influencing social policy   

Learning outcomes from the research and policy internship 

  • Learn and understand how to conduct user-led action research through mixed methods research
  • Learn how to design and develop research projects and to inform policies
  • Learn how to effectively communicate research findings in publications and in public relations
  • Learn how to review and evaluate projects and revise and format published works
  • Learn how to prioritise demanding workloads and work efficiently in a busy office environment

You will assist in user engagement, which includes supporting the coordination of our user groups, namely the Youth Advisory Board (YAB) and Women’s Advisory Board (WAB) if applicable. 


Events and communications internship description 

You will also assist in our communication activities, including promoting and leading on the 99% campaign, drafting and publishing social media posts, blogs, newsletters and assisting with our CRM database and mailing system, and managing and publishing surveys.  You will be asked to write, proofread and design reports. You will also be asked to assist in event planning, stakeholder mapping and promotion and to provide logistical support.   

Training from the evens and communications internship

  • Design: you will receive training on Canva, which is an online design software. This is a very intuitive tool to design visually appealing social media posts, reports, leaflets and other promotional materials. You will have access to a PRO business account. 
  • Flowcharts- diagrams: Draw.io is standalone, web-based drawing software especially useful for flowcharts and diagrams. 
  • Copy-writing: you will be provided with relevant material to make sure you can write confidently. Your line manager will give you feedback from time to time. As staff members have been trained on this subject they have a lot of material available. If this is something that interested you please inform your line manager.  If you are interested in improving your writing skills please let us know as we have 12 modules specifically developed for this area of development. 
  • Social media management tools you will have access to a social media management tools and you will acquire basic skills to improve reach and engagement of social media posts. 
  • Data management: you will receive training on a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software called CiviCRM. This is an open source CRM designed specifically for charities, and used by smaller charities like the Merton Music Foundation, medium-sized charities like us at Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research and huge organisations like Amnesty International and the New York State Senate. Experience in CRM systems is a sought-after skill that will definitely boost your CV. It is also free to download and free of monthly subscriptions so you might use it for your own projects in the future! 
  • Data mapping: CiviCRM integrates with a few open source modules that allow you to map your data using postcode information. Once you have a clear understanding of CiviCRM and its basic functions you will be able to develop this skill. 
  • Video editing : we are subscribed to videoscribe so you can experience and learn to edit videos to effectively communicate ideas on social media.  You will also work on FFdiaporama which is free and open source. 
Evaluation and Accreditation 

Your line manager will sit down with you and discuss your performance and provide you with a document for your reference. This is also the time for you to raise any concerns you have about your placement. We are here to support you, if you feel you need help.  Also we are happy to endorse your skills in recommendation letters and on social media (LinKedin, etc) once your placement is over. In addition you will receive the following accreditation for your placement:

  1. IARS Certification of completion 
  2. YouthPass
  3. CPD certificates in relation to the relevant training 
If you are interested in learning about the projects you would be involved or if you have any questions, please contact r.lopez@iars.org.uk
The European Solidarity Corps UK team asked our founder for tips for young social entrepreneurs.
He spoke about existing support, the importance of emotional capital and values.


Please find more documents about our project below 

Additional Details for 060105

EACEA – FAQ document administrators – 2019 – v2

EACEA – instructions for the administrator – 2019 – v2

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Safeguarding Statement

IARS Vulnerable Adults Risk Management Policy

IARS Volunteer Policy_b .docx

Voluntering agreement

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