Join our Youth Advisory Board today!

IARS is committed to empowering young people to influence policy and practice. It is for this reason that IARS regards the role of young people within the organisation as crucial. 

To accommodate this ideology, IARS has created an independent body of young people who will take on responsibility for evaluating and steering the work of the organisation.  The YAB consists of young people from different backgrounds and circumstances who are aware of the problems facing young people in today’s society and who are interested in an opportunity to do something positive about these issues.   

Their tasks  include  inspecting IARS services and policies; monitoring the quality of its youth projects; carrying out research and responding to youth consultations; advising on specific youth projects; reviewing and updating the volunteer and user engagement policies, the Equal Opportunities policies and any other IARS policy impacting on its young users.

They also receive free training on digital skills and other areas according to their interest. The YAB has proved to be an excellent opportunity for young people to get their voices heard and to address issues that are important for them. One example of this is the launch of the 99% campaign aiming to make society more inclusive responsive to young people’s views and realities. 

IARS supports the 99% Campaign and all YAB activities by financing the dissemination activities, providing office resources, working with the media and by holding events. The 99% Campaign uses a dedicated website, social media channels and a printed magazine to promote positive stories and dispel negative stereotypes. 

Recruitment to the User Engagement Groups will follow an open and transparent  recruitment process, with members being sought from a wide target audience. All members are awarded with a certificate for their active participation.

If you would like to take part please contact Maija Linnala, our User Engagement Leader.