External evaluation tendering

The Children First project is a pan-European project that aims to educate school children (aged 12-18) around preventing and address dating violence, by undermining gender stereotypes, norms and roles that are the main causes of dating violence. Gender-based violence is a widespread problem and, while policy and literature on the issue are slowly growing, “dating violence” amongst children and teenagers remains largely under-researched and unaddressed.

In this project, children come first. Children and young people are consultants in the project, as members of the youth-led Advisory Board, which proactively collaborate on the creation of tools and contents, and on the delivery of awareness-raising campaigns.

The outcomes of the project include creating an online educational game for children and young people in order to challenge gender stereotypes and norms leading to violence; and creating a training programme for school teachers and educators on how to prevent and contrast gender-based violence in school.

As project coordinators, the IARS International Institute are seeking a consultant or organisation to undertake an external evaluation of the Children First programme. More details can be found in the Children First Evaluation Tender document Children First Evaluation Tender document. The evaluation will start in October 2020, with the final report due in June 2021.

For more details and how to apply please see the Children First Evaluation Tender document Children First Evaluation Tender document