The Time To Move campaign is here!

Although we are in Autumn, it feels like winter is here! This won’t stop us from hitting the streets this year for Time To Move campaign. Our work is needed more than ever!  

We cannot ignore the impact of  COVID on young people; from the collapse of the gig economy, to the many education challenges; from rising youth unemployment to restrictions on international mobility.  This only motivates us to work harder to get young people interested in the online opportunities available as well as other ways through which they can go abroad to take part in an international project, study, or gain work experience.

Taking all the precautionary measures due to COVID, we will distribute promotional material about Eurodesk and ESC to inform young residents in deprived areas of London about the opportunities available in Europe.

We want to build on the success that we had last year, when we reached over 60 community boards. Will create new routes to connecting colleges-secondary schools- student residence halls-libraries- youth centres – job centres and similar organisations in London. During the visits we will make short videos so stay tuned!