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We are delighted to announce that IARS will be coordinating three new Erasmus+ projects over the next two years.

 The Shanarani Youth-led Project

IARS has developed a strategic partnership, bringing together 5 countries (the UK, Greece, Italy, Spain and Romania) to run “Shanarani”, as a youth-led, transnational project that will help prevent and combat discrimination, stereotyping and social exclusion caused by gender stereo-typing and discrimination. Shanarani has its origins in the indigenous people of Mexico where it is a valid name for both girls and boys. The project aims to develop innovative, CPD accredited tools to combat gender stereotypes and inequalities in young people through the capacity building and certification of youth workers and other professionals by giving them new approaches to support and strengthen their work, improve their skills in the area of gender equality, and increase the quality of their interventions.

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 Cultural & Social Youth Entrepreneurship (CASYE)

Youth unemployment remains on an upwards trajectory across Europe. However, at the same time, young people are innovating and have strong motivation to create new markets and jobs. At a critical point for Europe, The Cultural & Social Youth Entrepreneurship (CASYE) project brings together a strategic partnership of four organisations from the UK, Belgium, Italy and Spain to develop innovative, CPD accredited tools to support marginalised young people in becoming entrepreneurs in the social and cultural sectors.

 CASYE responds to this need by supporting youth entrepreneurship in the creative sector through the development and piloting a social economy model, with an emphasis on empowering young people with fewer opportunities (social obstacles, geographical obstacles and/or economic obstacles). To this end, CASYE will create a mentoring, CPD accredited programme for youth organisations and youth workers working directly with young people with fewer opportunities and who wish to become entrepreneurs in the social or cultural sectors. Through the CASYE programme, the development of a sustainable ecosystem in supporting youth entrepreneurs in the creative European cultural and social sectors will be guaranteed.

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Queer Migrants: Addressing gaps in adult education and social cohesion

The key aim of this project is to strengthen the capacity of professionals (of the social and employment sector) in answering the needs of LGBTQI refugees, migrants and asylum seekers. This will be achieved through the objective of developing a sustainable training programme that will enlighten professionals on the challenges posed by the double stigma attached to this community. The programme will give a profound insight into basic concepts related to LGBTQI people’s rights and needs, as well as the culture of the LGBTQI migrants’/refugees’ countries of origin with a view to providing personalised support and a specific methodology regarding their integration into the culture and reality of the host country. It brings together partners from the UK, Greece, Cyprus and Italy, and will be supported by IARS LGBTQI user-group.

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