IARS is looking for young people willing to share their stories. You can write, send us a video or audio. We are particularly interested in the following topics travelling, volunteering, digital citizenships and online learning. If selected you can get published by Eurodesk!

You can vistit the Eurodesk website for inspiration or read some suggestions below

Volunteer: What is holding you from volunteering abroad ? You top 5 countries to volunteer and why ? Interview someone that has volunteered abroad or in the UK 

Study: How did online classes affected your learning experience during covid ? Do you think that covid offers an opportunity for schools to rethink the way they teach ? Could online classes replace presential classes to a certain extent ? Formal vs informal learning: do you think the current english curriculum reflect your training needs or it needs to be updated ? Can you interview a teacher to learn their take on online learning? Do you think there is a digital divide between young people, and those without the skills or IT equipment are missing out? As an english speaker person, is it useful to learn other languages? Is a university degree the only carEer path ? Top 10 free online training opportunities. 

Travel: What is the outlook for travelling in Europe and overseas in 2021. Which was the most surprising destination you ever visited. And why ? 

Work: Is the gig economy a British, European or Worldwide trend?  UK initiatives to tackle youth employment compared with other countries. Is youth unemployment the biggest cause for anxiety for young people? Why companies like google, apple or IBM don’t care about your university degree. Would my parents support my decision of not going to university and self-training instead?  Working remotely and digital opportunities for work. Where can you get career advice online?  Is it realistic for young people to want to become influencers as a profession? 

Have your say: How can I influence policy in the digital world? What are online petitions and how do they work ? My favourite  #campaign and what can we learn from it. What is the Google’s Be Internet Citizens programme and how can you get involved? What is bitetheballot  and how can  you get involved?  What is UK parliament week and how can you get involved?  Should social media platforms do more to stop hate  speech and fake news? The digital world can be confusing:  in the past there were commercials and real content. Now sponsored materials and influencers make it hard to distinguish promotion from journalisms. How do we deal with this?  

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