Our time with FutureProof and IARS

Our time with FutureProof and IARS

We are two students from Hewens College and last week we participated in the IARS work experience programme during which we received training on four different topics and got to work on some exciting challenges and targets! As we were both working from home, we decided to team up for the week.

After we had completed the FutureProof training with IARS, we chose our own challenges and set individual targets to overcome the challenge. We decided to do our challenges on managing conflict, and more specifically, how to prevent and resolve conflicts. Both of us completed four different pieces of work that were defined as targets. As part of our challenge, we produced the below work:

  • A piece of research to understand conflicts and how to prevent them
  • A poster that explains how to manage and prevent a conflict
  • A podcast that gives ideas on how to resolve conflict within a workplace
  • A staged conflict to show that communication and listening to each other before jumping to conclusions is important. This is also an example of how to solve a conflict in real life.

We worked well as a team, and we spent time planning and talking about the work. After deadlines were decided, we worked efficiently to meet them throughout the week.

The most difficult part of the week was deciding on what to do. We had to brainstorm and think of several ideas before we got to our final choices. Other than that, everything was fun! The experience as a whole was really good and interesting and we enjoyed every part of it. This experience taught us how to work better as a team, even with people we did not know and how to work in a more professional environment. This experience also taught us how to time manage and to be more organised.

We really enjoyed our week with IARS and learned a lot – thanks to all the staff, the work and the environment 🙂

Written by Robin Rogowski and Lakeesha Walia

These posters made by Lakeesha and Robin explain how to manage and prevent a conflict:
















These WhatsApp conversations staged by Lakeesha and Robin show how to resolve everyday conflicts in life:













Here you can see all of their work:

Challenge Presentation by Lakeesha & Robin