Grateful for the support of our new trustees

Like many other charities. IARS faces 2021 with challenges ahead. However, our new trustees give us one reason to be optimistic.  We are excited to welcome 5 new trustees to our board. Each brings a different set of skills but the same passion for social justice and opportunities for young people. IARS is grateful for their time and commitment and we look forward to working with you to take IARS to the next level. 

Emily Poyser Emily is a communications expert and has spent much of her career working in international development. She is now based in London following many years working overseas, including in Afghanistan and Tunisia. She currently works for the UK Cabinet Office overseeing communications projects. Prior to that she held media roles at UNICEF UK, the UK Prime Minister’s Office, and the UK’s Department for International Development.  

Richard Elliot  Richard has lived in South London for the last 20 years. He is delighted to join the Board having just retired from the University of London where he led on Strategy, Planning, Performance and Risk. He brings extensive experience in these areas from a successful career in public sector management and consultancy with the Local Government Association, Local Authorities and the Audit Commission. At the University he was also involved in developing new partnership arrangements between academic institutions in London, Paris and the United States. He has a Masters in International Relations from Sussex University, is a passionate believer in international co-operation particularly at the civil society level and is active in pro-european movements.

Rossana Rocchini Rossana is a Global Chartered Management Accountant with 20+ years-experience working in Fortune 100 corporations.  In 2019, she left Coca-Cola after working there for 16 years in various finance capacities and in various countries around the world.  At the same time she moved to London and decided to dedicate part of her time to giving back to a world that had given her so much.  Rossana enjoys traveling around the world with her husband, exercising, is an avid reader and a self-described “podcast junkie”. 

Vanessa Bianchi   Vanessa has 15 years of experience in programme management at the international level, having worked with the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, the European Commission in Brussels, and Save the Children in London, driving social impact, business development and shaping iNGO-private sector partnerships. Passionate about sustainability and about making a difference, she currently supports the transition to Net Zero at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.   

Ruby Halabi  Ruby has lived in London since childhood and is passionate about addressing social inequality to shape a fairer and more inclusive society. She has over 15 years experience in industry, ranging from medical to finance and settling in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability. Most recently, she led social responsibility strategy in Europe for a major energy company and led collaborations at key events such as the World Economic Forum and Conference of the Parties (COP). She is now pursuing further projects to encourage a more socially responsible and environmentally sustainable world. Ruby holds a BA in Business Management from the University of Westminster and a MSc in Global Governance and Public Policy from Birkbeck University. She has a strong belief in the power of education and is in constant pursuit of life-long learning.