Join our YAB!


Do you want to have a say on the issues facing young people today?


We are currently recruiting new members to join our Advisory Boards. If you are interested in the problems facing young people, this is a great opportunity to gain experience volunteering in an advisory role at an international charity, as well as to influence the research and projects produced by IARS.


IARS was set up in 2001 by young volunteers from across Europe. It was the first EU-wide, youth-led network focused on equality and aiming to empower young people to influence policy and practise. Our user groups play a crucial role in this.


What’s involved?

As a user-led Institute, IARS is evaluated by two User Boards: the Youth Advisory Board (YAB) and the Women’s Advisory Board. They consist of members from different backgrounds, who can use their own experience to address issues that are important to them.


Their role is to constantly review, monitor and quality control our work in order to ensure that it is user –led and relevant to the needs of young people. This could involve evaluating the projects that IARS produce, carrying out research and policy consultations or updating IARS’ policies. Your feedback will inform the future direction of IARS’ projects. Please see here for more detailed information about our advisory boards and to meet the current members.


I believe that all causes IARS stand for and support are crucial in building a better society, and most importantly empowering us as teenagers, and generations to come.

– user group member


What do IARS offer you?

As a member of one of the Advisory Boards, you will gain first-hand experience of a user-led NGO. IARS aims to equip users with the skills needed to evaluate research about issues such as human rights, gender equality and youth entrepreneurship. Through evaluating projects, you will develop your written and communication skills. Through taking part in policy consultations, you will get the opportunity to shape government thinking on contemporary issues.


In addition, user group members get to contribute to IARS’ publications, including the 99% magazine. All the training offered by IARS is open and free to members of user groups. There may also be access to other opportunities, including representing IARS at conferences and international travel.



“I will always treasure my time at IARS and have already begun to build on the things I learned there in my professional and academic endeavours.”

– user group member


How do the user groups work?

Advisory Boards meet bi-monthly over Zoom (and potentially in-person in the future) to discuss the projects that IARS are working on. An agenda is prepared and shared in advance. Meetings usually last between 1 and 2 hours, and we aim to schedule them so that as many members as possible can attend.


A normal meeting includes an update on IARS’ work and the different opportunities available to user group members, some time for project-specific activities, including focus groups on project outputs, and then some time for group members to give feedback on what kind of issues they would like IARS to focus on.


How to apply:

IARS are seeking new members from a wide target audience. We will be holding a user group meeting on the 20th May, focusing on IARS’ work on gender-based violence and discrimination. If you are interested in attending, please email Sophia (IARS’ User Engagement Coordinator) at This is a great chance to see how our user groups work and what user-led research looks like in practise!


If you can’t make this meeting but are still interested in joining a user group, then you can apply by emailing your CV and cover letter to and we will get in touch with you shortly.