What do we do?

IARS stands for Independent Academic Research Studies – but what does this mean in practice?

Who we are

The IARS International Institute is a UK-based charity that puts our users at the heart of our work. We are proudly internationalist, and facilitate collaboration and debate through both local and international networks of NGOs and our global internship programmes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give everyone a chance to forge a safer, fairer and more inclusive society. 

How do we achieve this?

We respond to pressing social needs through engaging with those who are most affected. Our grassroots and peer-reviewed methods allow us to identify and respond to real needs, provide appropriate training, inform policies with authority,  and generate evidence-based solutions to problems in our community. 


  • We develop evidence-based research to tackle social problems, ensuring that those who are most affected are at the heart of our research
  • We collaborate with partners across the UK, Europe and beyond to create research and resources with both local and international application 
  • We provide evidence-based policy recommendations to local, national and international policy-making bodies


  • We deliver accredited training, handbooks and resources to professionals, teachers, youth workers and carers based on the results of our research 
  • We deliver life skills training for young people
  • We deliver seminars and cross-sector networking opportunities for professionals 
  • We host international conferences with industry experts, practitioners and policy-makers
  • We publish subject matter books and journals on a range of topics

Empowering Young People

  • We provide young people with opportunities to grow and develop their skills through accredited training, certified internships, volunteering, work experience, mentoring and leadership opportunities
  • We promote youth voices through our 99% campaign and magazine
  • We support young people to shape decision-making and social change from the bottom-up through our Advisory Boards and participation in policy consultations and external campaigns 
  • We give access and provide  training on a wide selection of productivity tools and online platforms to help young people develop digital skills to help them succeed in the XXI century digital economy.  

Community and Organisational Development

  • We provide expertise and support to individuals, communities and grass roots organisations to carry out their own initiatives to shape decision-making and society
  • We provide evaluation services to help organisations maximise their social impact 
  • We encourage participation of our project beneficiaries in decision making that affects them, to inform our work and shape our future direction through our Youth Advisory Board, Women’s Advisory Board and LGBTQ+ Advisory Board

What areas do we specialise in?

Originally set up as a youth-led NGO, IARS has now expanded its remit to cover various areas of expertise: Youth, Inequalities, Gender Discrimination and Violence, Social Entrepreneurship and Migrants.

However, we are led by our members and beneficiaries, without which we would not exist, and so our areas of work are determined by them. We regularly survey our beneficiaries who guide our priorities and areas of focus according to the most pressing needs.


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