Future Proof Programme

FutureProof is a programme run by UK Youth that supports youth workers to engage young people in building the life… skills needed to successfully navigate a transient and complex world…

The programme focuses on a set of relevant topics to support young people in their present and future lives, including topics such as; identity, healthy relationships, managing conflict, risks and opportunities online and your voice.

FutureProof provides training, session plans and resources to equip youth workers with skills and ideas to involve young people in engaging, thought provoking discussion around challenging topics in a productive and enjoyable way. IARS participated in the induction training in September 2020, and we are now delivering FutureProof sessions to our young people online! During our sessions, we cover at least four FutureProof topics and tailor the content to suit each group of young people.

Alongside the topics that we cover, the programme also gives young people an opportunity to have their hard work recognised through the ASDAN accredited UK Youth Achievement Awards (UKYAAs). The UKYAAs are a suite of awards that have been delivered by inspiring youth organisations in UK Youth’s network for over 20 years. Using this adaptable, youth led framework, young people set themselves challenges and targets and work through to overcome them with the help of IARS!

IARS’ shared ambition with UK Youth is to engage young people in learning and to equip them with the skills and resilience needed to navigate an increasingly unpredictable world.

If you are interested in participating our upcoming training sessions, please email contact@iars.org.uk