IARS Publications

IARS Publications is an independent publishing house specialising in social justice and the publication of research that has real world impact. We have expertise in youth justice and policy, human rights and equalities as well as user-led methods of research and evaluation.

IARS Publications is the publishing arm of the IARS International Institute and was set up by Dr. Theo Gavrielides to bridge a gap in the publishing world of providing free and low cost high quality research in social sciences. IARS is an charitable international institute with a mission to give voice to marginalised groups and connect people and organisations from across the globe in the interest of justice.

We publish e-books and magazines that are the results of our own programmes. We also accept book proposals from like minded organisations and authors. We do not charge for this service. To express an interest contact the Editor in Chief Professor Theo Gavrielides.

From here, you can access some of our e-books and the 99% Magazine, which is a youth-led annual publication covering key topics of youth concerns internationally. All proceeds go towards our charitable objects.