C. Partner

We are always happy to work in partnerships with other organisations, and deliver a number of services:

  1. Awareness building and networking – bringing together a coalition of like-minded people and organisations
  2. Evidence based and user-led research and policy development
  3. Skills development and training
  4. Consultancy – helping find solutions to youth-focussed problems
  5. Evaluation and assessment of existing programmes
Current opportunities 
  1. YOU WEEN (Young Women Green Entrepreneurs) is a two year, Erasmus-funded project with seven EU organisations in collaboration. The project aimis to give effective tools to young women living in rural areas (or working onsustainable projects in urban areas) to take up their lives thanks to specificentrepreneurial training in sustainable development, to foster theiremployability, socio-educational and personal development.IARS are currently seeking UK based project partners who can:
    • Identify 2 Youth Trainers from their organisation for us to take under ourwing. These trainers would learn about instruments for rural development,social entrepreneurship, women’s empowerment, and sustainable ideas. They would also have the opportunity to travel in Europe and lead youthgroups in sustainable grass-roots projects.
    • Identify 10 Young Women from their organisation/community(volunteers or employees), aged 19-30, that will take the training, as wellas to advise and represent IARS in the project.

    The minimum requirements from both youth workers/trainers and ‘green’young women is a two-year commitment to the project, a working level ofEnglish, and an interest/basic knowledge of sustainability and gender equity. Interested? Contact: s.nicholas@iars.org.uk

IARS aims to increase opportunities for young people who are disadvantaged to access employment and play a meaningful role in their community – but we can’t do this alone! We are currently looking for corporate partners to embark on our journey and help us empower young people from a disadvantaged background develop the skills and resources and gain the experience they need to feel positive about their future, to develop individual empowerment and responsibility, to be inclusive of others and to play a meaningful role in shaping their communities. 

Why partner with us?

We understand that corporate partners will have their own specific goals and outcomes to meet. If your goals focus on improving opportunities for young people we’d love to work with you to achieve that. By tailoring the partnership offer with pre-agreed goals and outcomes and a dedicated IARS team member to work with you we will ensure that any collaboration will be mutually beneficial. We are confident that your partnership with us will support your social responsibility goals.

There are number of ways in which a partnership can be of benefit:

Positive branding: Engaging with IARS will  enable your organisation to prove its commitment to diversity, inclusion, and empowering disadvantaged communities.

Staff Engagement: Corporate volunteers have told us that working directly with disadvantaged young people and supporting them to gain life skills and employability skills to help them develop their career is very rewarding, and that they gain more from the experience that they give. 

Create genuine collaborative partnerships with young people: your organisation will directly benefit from learning how to make sure that your business can be participatory and user-led through our innovative user-led methodology that is at the heart of our work.

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