Projects & Campaigns

The EDEEY programme. An EU funded initiative to support social and digital entrepreneurship. Developed for aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals who
Gender-based discrimination and sexism is widespread in European Schools, and many teachers aren’t given sufficient training or support in order
C2E as a youth-led, transnational project that will develop, test and implement innovative practices in a much neglected area in
The main aim of Drop In is to provide alternative pathways into education and employment. The project aims to do
Child abuse affects all social classes and ethnicities, and it features a variety of characteristics, such as the age of
This international project run from in 2009 and 2010, fosucing on setting up a regional youth-led research network in the
his is an international project that was funded by the EU (2009-11) and was carried out as part of the "Mediation and
This was a youth-led volunteering project providing young people aged 16-25 with opportunities to influence policy and practice. Click here to