Rights & Responsibilities training programme

Rights & Responsibilities training programme

This structured programme offers a theoretical and practical insight in the areas of youth research, policy and practice. With over ten years experience in developing and delivering high quality training services to young people, the IARS International Institute has enabled hundreds of young people, to develop skills and enhance their substantive and methodological knowledge on key areas of youth research, policy and practice, supporting them to develop an understanding of how to bring about change from the bottom up as well as informing them of their rights in relation to employment, housing, human rights and their rights in relation to the police’s exercise of their powers and other social issues.

The Programme aims to:

– Create knowledge around youth research, policy and practice at both theoretical and methodological level.

– Improve young people’s skills and knowledge on how to participate fully in society as equal citizens by developing an understanding of their rights and responsibilities.

– Instill the confidence and ability to challenge social conventions and break the barriers of democratic disparity by arming young people with the tools and the ability to effect their community and their own personal circumstances.

If you would like more information or have any questions please email m.linnala@iars.org.uk