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Our flagship programme 99% campaign will be relaunched this summer  thanks to the support from LLC throught the talent works programme



99%  was launched in  2009 by the London Serious Youth Violence Board, set up by the London Community Safety Partnership (LCSP) in the wake of the spate of 27 teenage murders in London in 2007, which led to what some have called “a moral panic” about serious youth violence.  It was established as the voice of young people that reaches both public and policy – makers in order to dispel stereotypes as well as to shape the policies that aim to respond to their problems. 


During the last years 

We focused our efforts in our printed edition to reach out to the most deprived communities in London. Our volunteers distribute the printed editions in youth centres in particular but also in job/community centres, local libraries and colleges. 



The future 

We remain committed to creating opportunities to participate giving direct voice to the most marginalised young people and by dispelling negative stereotypes. As a youth-led initiative we will widen the scope to include other issues of concern that go beyond economic injustice  and discrimination. 

But the future is digital, we will provide free training on the topics that the youth advisory board identified as ‘priority areas’ including public speaking, campaigning, marketing and other digital skills.Campaigners receive high quality internship opportunities, and through training, mentoring, constructive feedback sessions and accreditation they increase their confidence and skills to become role models and leaders within their communities.

Our vision is that by the end of their placements you will have  increased your knowledge and confidence to:

 → Consider a career in journalism,  the third sector or become a social entrepreneur

Through free certified training you will be able to enhance your cv  and linkedin profile and through our work experience placements you will get feedback on your work which will help you identify your talents and areas where improvement is needed.  From time to time we will have performance appraisals meetings and we will provide references to document all your work.

We also offer free training on business planning; access to finance and other support  to help you develop and execute your business with a focus on social enterprises to promote  responsible businesses that commit to having a positive social impact in society and the environment.    

→ Redefine your relationship with social media

By attending our  free workshops on online risks  and opportunities and by providing a media outlet to debate issues of free speech vs hate speech, social media and mental health etc.  

→ Achieve healthy relationships and talk about mental health 

Through specific training, video games and workshops aimed at strengthening life skills. 

 → Discuss your identity confidently and respectfully 

By addressing negative stereotypes and specifical barriers you might face with regards to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, socio economic background, religion, etc. You can access free workshops on issues of self-identity and oral history. 

 → Become  a leader in your community 

By accessing opportunities for campaigning, writing and  public speaking. By learning about the power of citizens and consumers in shaping society and addressing environmental and social problems in their communities.  

→ Engage in democratic processes

By participating and promoting online petitions, by conducting social research that informs policy, by contributing to responses to policy consultations and by actively participating in national campaigns. All our events include a youth panel where young participants are invited to present and debate issues that matter to them.  We train and encourage  young people to create multimedia content and offer digital marketing courses to promote campaigns through digital channels. 

 → Become a global citizen

By traveling to other countries and volunteering in like minded organisations that work towards development goals (fully funded placements).      

For example,

Meet Emilia and Alisha,

currently in year 12 at a sixth form in the Hillingdon Borough, outside London. They have produced a podcast reflecting on their education experience that touches on :

*Education as a tool to claim  the social ladder as disadvantaged women of colour  from a working class background

*The lack of recognition for their ethnic communities in the education curriculum

*The pressures of the examination system on their mental health and the focus on memorization of information instead of critical thinking

*The imbalances of opportunities among young people and how COVID increased the digital divide

Meet Fatima,

a 16 year old student from Barnhill Community High School who interviews Antique about her experiences as an upcoming young artist during lockdown. ITSANTIQUE  amazing talents were trapped in her flat but her creativity did not stop. She also discussed issues of  dealing with bereavement during covid  and her relationship with social media.@itsantique 



2021 Election Update 


After two historical referendums and a sequence of party and national elections, voting fatigue is on the rise. But should you care?

We are collecting young people’s views on the next elections and we want to hear from you. If you would like to be featured in an upcoming article on this topic please email r.lopez@iars.org.uk



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