Desirée Noriega

Desirée Noriega

Project Officer


Brief info

Desirée holds a Master of Science in Political Psychology from Queen’s University Belfast as well as a BSc in Psychology.

Her passion for Human rights and her interest in understanding the complexities of human behaviour, has taken her to work and volunteer for several hospitals and schools as well as governmental institutions and non-profit organizations.
During her Bachelor’s, she learned about many different areas in psychology such as educational, clinical, social and organizational psychology. While doing her degree, her volunteer work was mostly focused on healthcare and clinical research, additionally, she worked for several non-profit organizations providing support and assistance to those who were detained arbitrarily, tortured or assaulted during protests in Venezuela.
Her academic and professional experience during this time forged her passion for Human Rights, this led her to continue her studies at Queen’s University Belfast where she completed a Master’s Degree in Political Psychology where she was awarded Commendation. There, she explored the origins of political behaviour and the causes of political events, with a special focus on the psychological mechanisms at work, and became well versed in conducting psychological research and analyzing and coding data in a detailed and scientific manner.

Her strong organisational time management and communication skills demonstrated during her studies along with her passion for contributing towards the creation of a better society, allowed her to complete her Master’s Degree while working full time and volunteering for several organisations."