I am a third year student studying sociology at the University of Greenwich.  As part of my final year of my degree I have opted for a work placement at the IARS as an intern.  During this time period I aim to gain new skills and refine pre-existing ones.  I would also like to apply my knowledge and comprehension of Sociological understandings to research projects undertaken by the IARS. I am impassioned to understanding how social problems arise and what we as individuals and members of society can do to gain justice and overcome these issues. I would like to work amongst the local community to have social justice and reduce the inequality and discrimination faced by members based on gender, religion, ethnicity and sexuality. I believe that working with young people and highlighting social problems is where we will see change not only as individuals or members of a community but with policies too. As they are the next upcoming generation, it’s essential that they are given the resources and information to make well informed decisions and changes.